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Spencer has worked with trainers throughout highschool and college. Spencer has been a professional trainer since May of 2019. He is goal-driven and helps his clients achieve their goals. Through his training, Spencer was able to accomplish a big goal of a vertical jump over 35 inches. His depth of athletic training and goal-oriented style.



Kevin grew up in Central New Jersey where he attended Red Bank Catholic High School. At a young age, Kevin found his passion in a variety of sports and training. He enjoyed the conditioning side of sports and also enjoys coaching. Kevin is a high school basketball coach and has been coaching for over 13.



Kyle has always had a passion for health and fitness. As a former Division I athlete and semi-professional snowboarder, Kyle has developed an approach in his programs that is geared towards building his clients up without breaking them down! This approach was sparked by the many sports-related injuries he has overcome in his own life. .

Kyle Hartson